QReal DSM platform — An Environment for Creation of Specific Visual IDEs

Anastasiia Kuzenkova, Anna Deripaska, Timofey Bryksin, Yurii Litvinov, and Vladimir Polyakov

July, 2013. Published in the the proceedings of ENASE'13 (B).

Abstract. This article describes a technology for rapid creation of domain-specific languages called QReal. Domain-specific modelling is promising new paradigm, as it provides a serious boost to productivity of developers (3 to 10 times in some cases, compared to common development methodologies), so support tools for it are worth studying. QReal is a research project and a prototype of such tool to support domain-specific modelling. Overview of QReal basic metamodelling capabilities, like abstract and concrete syntax definition, is given, some advanced capabilities like defining semantics of visual language, constraints and refactoring support are described. Two cases of successful use of this technology to create domain-specific solutions are presented, some promising future work directions are given.

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